Extraordinary learning is for...

All children (not just the richest, poorest, or best-behaved).

Extraordinary learning is about...

Learning deeply with passion and commitment about things that matter in the world. 

Extraordinary learning develops...

The core knowledge, skills and mind-sets needed for future success. 









The highest quality learning at the lowest possible cost


We provided school design support to Rising Academies - an ambitious new network of affordable, high quality and innovative schools in Sierra Leone. In preparation for the opening of their first school, our experts designed the schools’ pedagogy, curriculum development plan and schedule. More information about the Rising Academy Network can be found here.



New ways of teaching for the 21st century


We have been working with School 21 in London since before its opening in 2012. It is an outstanding school where students, "achieve remarkable standards of work and demonstrate knowledge and skills at levels beyond those expected of their age group" (Ofsted 2014). We supported the design and establishment of their project-based learning offer, and are currently working on the design of their 21st century sixth form.  


School 21 Words of Wildlife 3 (2).JPG

Inspiring innovation in NYC public education


As partner for the New York City Department of Education innovation zone, we worked with school leaders to design new school models that delivered personalised learning. Innovation Unit experts facilitated the workshops and supported the development of a network of school leaders and design partners. You can read more about the work of the iZone here.