Our Design Team

Louise Thomas
New schools strategy

Louise is currently leading our work with the Qatar Foundation, designing and creating a flagship "School of the Future". 

Tom Beresford
Trends and research

Tom convenes the REAL Projects network; a group of ambitious schools focused on project-based learning. 

Julie Temperley
Design team and partners

Julie is currently designing new education practices with the Elevate Program in New South Wales, Australia. 

Mark Blundell
Teaching and learning

Mark is currently seconded to School 21, leading the design of their 21st century sixth form. 

Caireen Goddard
Learner and family engagement

Caireen led the communications and learning strategy for the groundbreaking Harris Commission. 

David Jackson
Leadership and local systems

David was an innovation coach to the New York iZone, supporting the design of new school models for personalised learning.

Jo Harrington
Design methods

Jo has been working in Brazil to design and support local education transformation projects. 

Rosie Clayton
New schools specialist

Rosie has been involved in setting up Studio schools across England. 

Your Design Team

Learning Designer

Learning Designer

Student Designer

Student Designer