Our inspiration...

We've collaborated with, and talked to, some of the most innovative schools in the world. 

An in-depth understanding of these exemplars has informed our thinking about how different school needs to, and can, be. They've inspired us to reimagine school and design the extraordinary learning that young people need, deserve and desire.

Have a look at our top 15 innovative school designs by clicking through the gallery below. 


Most Likely to Succeed

About Most Likely to Succeed

Most Likely to Succeed is a feature length documentary about school that is taking the US by storm. The film looks at the past, present and future of education - challenging its purpose and design, and inspiring audiences with new ideas and possibilities. Its creators are on a mission to get teachers, school leaders and communities to re-imagine what school is for, and how and when extraordinary learning can happen.

Most Likely to Succeed is a must see film teachers, school leaders, parents, students, policymakers, employers - it is relevant to anyone who has an interest in the nature and impact of education in this country.


A UK-wide campaign to re-imagine and re-design school  

Through its newly formed School Design Lab, Innovation Unit is leading the campaign to re-imagine and re-design school in the UK.

Earlier this year we held the UK premiere of Most Likely to Succeed at the Barbican. We’re now using the film as a powerful tool to spark conversations with different audiences around the country - partnerin with organisations to screen the film and host follow-up workshops that develop and take forward the ideas that it generates.

So far we have held screenings in Eastbourne (Causeway School), Hartlepool (Enquire Education Trust), Cardiff (Wales Millennium Centre and Valleys Kids) and Lincoln (EOS Education). Many more are planned for the autumn.


Hosting a screening  

Our aim is to enable as many people as possible to see Most Likely to Succeed, and to provide ongoing support to organisations who want to think differently about how school and learning is designed.

Our package of support for a co-sponsored screening includes:

  • A discounted licence

  • Logistical support - guidance on venue, the right programme for the screening and general set up

  • An invitation process - including advice about audience, e-invites and online registration

  • Marketing support - tailored press release, event flyer, engagement through social media

  • Representation and input at the screening itself.


Follow up workshops

We know that audiences are challenged, energised and excited when they watch Most Likely to Succeed. We want is to harness that energy and find ways to support further conversations that lead to change in schools, organisations and communities. Our mission is to help people reimagine school and design extraordinary learning.

Through a follow up ½ day design workshop we bring together up to 30 key leaders and ‘changemakers’ to:

  • Explore the key messages and challenges presented by Most Likely to Succeed

  • Understand the design features and principles of ‘extraordinary learning’ - using examples such as High Tech High alongside other radical models of school from around the world

  • Develop an emerging vision and agenda for change within their school, organisation, place or community.